Monday, March 28, 2011

Future plan!

assalamualaikum !!
hello guys!

Lately, i was toooo lazy to update my blog..
i think i'm the laziest person in the world ! LOL! HAHA

the reason why is post this entry bcoz:

1-Now, i'm a graduate student of CFS IIUM Nilai!! (applausex3) xD ..ok! spe soh sebut psl da rindu ni..huhu

2-MUET is waiting for me!! on 4th April, i've to speak in English like crazy until de invigilator ternganga..haha..16th April, writing,listening,reading..all of those things in one day??? OooMmmJAYYY!

3-After MUET, i'll find a job.. i dun want to be a top high five class beggar ! (mintak duit kt mak ayh je) I'm a independent girl ! Watch out! hehe

4-Then, work,work, work........until pengsan! haha..

5-urmmm... pe lg ea?? ckup la tu..hehe

Here there are my future plan..hehe..
tataw la jd ke ta tu..xD

so,let us work harder for Muet !
oppss! not us,just me!
trademark ryan higa :D

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