Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Essential Guide to Clearer Skin

hey guys!! :)

Today, I want to share about the secret to clearer looking skin. Actually, my skin isn't perfect at all but what can i say to u guys that my skin improved a lot than before :). I know what it feels to have acne especially the SEVERE acne. I started have acne when i reached my puberty period,around 13-14 years old. After that, my whole entire face was covered by pimples,blackhead and etc. My face was oily,bumpy,red and sore especially on apple of my cheeks. The worst is I hated lookin' at my own reflection at the mirror. I don't have confidence at all. So, there are several tips that i really swear by.

First of all, WATER!!

I know some of will say
"WATER??i know what?? *LOL"

But, are u drinking enough of it?? Are u drinking your 8glasses a day?? Because water is not optional but it's something u need,kind of the air to your skin. Water will flush out the toxin from your body.
How to drink 8glasses per day??

-> 2 glasses in the morning. (wake up from sleep)
-> 2glasses before lunch
-> 2glasses in the evening.(snack time! :D)
-> 2 glasses before dinner.

Haaaaa, kn senang je tuuu.. org ckp Hendak seribu daya, xnk seribu dalih.. Lu pkir la sndri!
There is a lot of benefit of water. If u want to know, google la sndiri...hehe :P

2nd, SLEEP!

I know everybody sleep, me too. It's natural inclination for us as human. But, the problem is are u getting enough of it??? SLEEP IS IMPORTANT GUYS!! :D try to get at least 6-8hours if u can. If u don't get enough sleep, your skin will break out. When we sleep, our skin will renewed and regenerate by it self. So, try sleep at the darker room for 6-8hours to have a good quality of sleep !

Now,its time for me to reveal the Private and Confidential Secret to clear skin. :D

Amazing beauty remedy !
This homemade mask recipe is really hydrate your skin. Because i have really oily skin so it is suitable for the oily skin.



Homemade mask recipe:

  1. 3 tbs of yogurt/organic yogurt
  2. 2 tbs of oatmeal
  3. 1 ts of honey
Combine it together then apply the thick layer onto your skin. Then, leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes or until it hardens. Then, ready to wash! :D

Green Tea!

Green tea is very high antioxidant and also anti aging. Try drink it everday,ppl ! :] I know the taste of green tea is not really yummy but why don't us give it a try. It will be worth it. Green tea cleanses your body inside out and when your body is healthy it will show up on your skin.

So now the last tip, you guys have to trust me on it. In order to achieve clearer skin, u guys have to believe that u will have a clear skin. If u stop stressing your skin, your skin will improve. I mean stop stressing about it,not being ignorant to your skin. Your conscience is more powerful than you think, so believe me someday, u and I will achieve clearer skin together.(^_^)

Thanks a lot for read my long speech.
I hope u guys will enjoy taking care of your health.
Luv yaaw! :DD

sorry kalo ade gramatical errors. :P
sye hnye bdk mahu improve my English skill
Wish me gud luck for my Muet

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