Monday, April 11, 2011

Yesterday~ huuuuuuuuuuuuu~

p/s: WARNING ! kpd org yg lemah smgat tidak digalakkan mmbace entry kali ini :P

at 2.30 something, i was shocked ! and woke up from my sleep because i heard Syeda was screamed EXTREMELY LOOOUDDD!!
Actually, ika, arifah and me was slept and 3 of us suddenly woke up because of the scream. When, i opened my eyes, i saw Syeda like org meracau. The 1st thing came into my mind is she was possessed by the 'thing'. Ika suruh Syeda istigfar then Kmah turn up the light. Arifah and me was so scared. Kiteorg tnye kenapa ni?? apa?? Bila die da tenang, then she started story everything. She actually want to meet Zainab bcoz she felt she has weird runny nose and she thought Zainab still awake. Tp, Zainab da tdo.When she opened our door, Zainab suddenly woke up and duduk tegak then started screaming and staring at Syeda. Syeda started freak out ! and she also screamed then woke up 3 of us.
Dorg menjerit sgt mnakutkn,byg kn 2pagi terjerit2 spe yg ta takut??

Then, we asked Zainab why she's acted like that? But she also doesn't know the reason why. The incident really give us goose bump and we started recite the Yassin in order to protect our safety. Before the incident, Arifah felt something that uneasy then she just ignore the feel and go to sleep. In my life, this is the scariest thing that happened in my life. After the incident, we just sleep and lampu bia kn tbuka. Kejadian tu masih jd tnda tnye, betul kah de 'benda' dlm bilik ni or hnye ilusi smata2. Yg hnye kami mampu buat hanya lah berdoa kepada Allah agar keselamatan kami di jaga.

p/s: rajin2 la baca Al-Quraan. :)

adoi,smpai sakit perut menaip blog ni :P
jom ke tandas! HAHA

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