Sunday, January 9, 2011


Marry me, mary!
it's a nice drama..i've just watched episode 1 !haha..i luv Moon Geun Young,our nation little sister ! she so kawaii in this drama..lain sgt dlm Cinderella step sister(nice drama too ^^)..
Jang Geun Suk! haha..He's so handsome in this drama..really 3X handsome and cool !aigoo! chu saranghae OPPA!!

Dream High
New korean drama! *woot woot..i'm really anticipate fav boy band 2pm in this drama!!!!!! wooyoung and taecyeon ! 2 handsome and hot boys!!! tolg la pham! nsem nk mampus!!!haha :D*faint
IU,t-ara Eun jeung,Miss A Suzy also acted in this drama..they are so beautiful..hope dorg dpt menjiwai role dgn baik..

Baby Woo
uri agae Wooyoung ! so cute! tampaq ckt bole ta..comel sgt! i really really really really luv him!! i hope i can see him..*sigh i know it's just a dream..he played as Jason in High Dream,as backdancer from oversea..ahaaaa woo's english improved! really love his pronouncation..KYOPTA!!! <3>

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